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WelMac Meetings

Meetings of WelMac are generally held on Monday evenings, at (e)-vision. The first Monday of each month is the Basics / OS X meeting. The second Monday features the NMUG (Web Media) meeting, followed by the Digital Video Group meeting on the third Monday. The final Monday in the month is the Welmac main meeting. The Kapiti WelMac meeting is on the Tuesday after the main meeting.

Further details are as follows:

WelMac main meeting
What: George Lazaridis of Wellington Photographic Supplies will be taking a look at digital cameras and what you should look out for when deciding to purchase one.
When: Monday 26 January 2004, 7.10 to approx. 9.00 pm
Where: This meeting will be held at (e)-vision, 2 Blair Street, Wellington
Further info: Main meetings generally consist of a Questions and Answers session, followed by a presentation of a particular topic. We finish with supper. If you have a problem that can't be solved in the questions and answers session, there will generally someone at the meeting who can spend some time with you to sort it out. A list of upcoming meeting topics is below.

WelMac Kapiti meeting
What: Topic yet to be confirmed
When: Tuesday 27 January 2004, 7.15 to 9.15 pm.
Where: Rita King Cottage, St Marks Church, Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach
Further info: Due to the high demand in the area, WelMac support a Kapiti based meeting for members and other interested non-members. To cover the additional costs of venue hire, as well as refreshments, it is appreciated if a gold coin donation is made at each meeting.

Basics / OS X meeting
What: OS X discussion.
When: TBA 7.10 to approx. 9.00 pm
Where: This meeting will be held at (e)-vision, 2 Blair Street, Wellington
Who: The facilitator for this meeting is David Empson
Further info: These meetings are for members to come along for one-on-one assistance in solving any problem they may be experiencing with their Mac. This includes both software and hardware problems.  Since the basic operating system in use today is OS X, the Basics meeting is now combined with the OS X meeting, and more advanced topics will be covered toward the end of the sessions. If you wish to attend, please ensure you have registered.

Special Interest Group Meetings

These groups are an opportunity for members to meet with others who have similar interests, for the benefit of all concerned. Special interest meetings generally are more specialised, and will cover a topic in depth, with advanced help available. This is one way to get more out of your membership to our society. Non-members are generally welcome also, though we encourage you to benefit more from WelMac, by joining. Check the announcement forum or below to find out when the next meetings are to be held. If you wish to attend a meeting, it would be helpful if you could register your details. All meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at (e)-vision from 7.10 till 9pm. Doors are open at 6.50pm.

NMUG: New Media Users Group meeting
When: Monday 9 January 2004, 7.10 to approx. 9.00 pm
Where: Wellington (TBA)
Who: The facilitator for NMUG is Joseph Booth
Further info: NMUG meets to discuss anything related to web and new media - generally if you're a designer, artist, publisher, or just a geek, there'll be something to catch your interest. Attendees are welcome to bring along scripts or code to show or debug, new things they've made or just share an idea. If you can't wait until the meeting the NMUG / Web Media discussion forum is available for your immediate assistance.

DVG: Digital Video Group meeting
When: Tuesday 20 January 2004, 7.10 to approx. 9.00 pm
Where: This meeting will be held at (e)-vision, 2 Blair Street, Wellington
Who: The facilitator for this group is Graeme Moffat
Further info: The Digital Video Group meets to discuss techniques and developments in digital video editing. Members of the group have expertise in using a variety of Digital Video editing tools - such as DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD

WelMac meeting venue: (e)-vision

It was decided at the October 2003 committee meeting to make use of the offer of a meeting venue at (e)-vision's premises in central Wellington.
All of the WelMac specialty group meetings and the Main meeting are now held at this excellent facility. on 19th December it was announced that (e)-vision had merged with TUANZ, which bodes well for the future of (e)-vision, and the venue.
The venue has a number of Apple eMacs and PCs to help with hands-on tutorials and high speed internet connectivity for interactive sessions without the previous constraint of slower dial-up internet. The meeting room is large and is equipped with full multimedia support. (e)-vision is located at 2 Blair Street - on the corner of Blair and Wakefield Streets, near the Wellington New World, opposite Chaffers Street as shown below:

Map showing location of (e)-vision
Map showing location of (e)-vision

More information on (e)-vision is available on their website at: http://www.evision.org.nz/

WelMac Main Meeting topics for 2004
Jan 27 Wellington Photographic Supplies - iPhoto
Feb 23 AGM - Communication - iChatAV
Mar 29 iTunes, soundtrack - music creation
Apr 26 MagnumMac demonstration
May 31 iMovie, Final Cut Express - making movies
Jun 28 Social event with Guest Speaker
Jul 26 iDVD, DVD Studio Pro - DVD creation
Aug 30 Wordprocessing & publishing
Sep 27 Graphics & Digital imaging
Oct 25 Appleworks, Filemaker Pro - Databases
Nov 29 Social with Guest Speaker